M.G.A.R Ltd.

M.G.A.R Ltd. is the leading BPO solutions company
in Israel specializing in advanced technology based customer services. Our services include complex financial administration and project operation and management for governmental and municipal bodies and in the public sector including government tax departments, municipal parking authorities and customer care centers.

With over 900 employees providing a wide range of BPO services for more than 100 clients all over Israel, M.G.A.R offers its clients the benefits of its scale, flexibility, unparalleled market expertise and exceptional level of service.

About Us

As a leader in the Israeli market, M.G.A.R Ltd. provides a wide range of integrated solutions based on advanced technologies for project operation and management and service providing, including municipal tax collection and other collection services for local authorities & municipalities.

Established in 1990, M.G.A.R group (through A.H.N.A) and its subsidiaries act as a one-stop-shop for the provision of designated BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) services and solutions to a wide range of public sector clients specializing in financial administration.

M.G.A.R Ltd. specializes in tailoring client designated solutions comprised of a wide variety of services, including training, professional HR, integration of data systems, database management, data analysis, implementation and integration of processes, billing processes, clearing and CRM.

M.G.A.R. employs a team of over 900 skilled professionals, including administrators, collection department managers, financial experts, accountants, computer experts, legal experts and on-site technicians.

The company’s extensive experience, as well as the advanced methodologies and optimal service delivery developed by it over the years, have propelled it to the top of its field and enabled it to become the first choice service provider for over 100 municipalities and local authorities nationwide, whose overall collection exceeds $1,500,000,000$.

M.G.A.R.’s operations include the production, management and clearance of over 15,000,000 Bills accounts per year.

M.G.A.R - Group Structure

Areas of Practice

Areas of Practice

Advanced Customer Service Technologies

Advanced Customer Service Technologies



M.G.A.R Ltd. specializes in the organization and management of municipal tax collection services for local authorities & municipalities.

The company offers BPO (Business Process Outsourcing) specialized in financial administration projects to government offices, water metering & sewage and is engaged in the clearance of 15,000,000 Bills accounts, worth about $1.5 million per year.

Cellopark LTD.

An innovator in the field of automotive parking solutions, the company has developed a breakthrough solution for public parking management and payment, allowing subscribers to pay for public parking using their cellphone. Operating mainly in Israel and Australia, Cellopark Ltd. is responsible for cellular parking services in 15 municipalities nationwide and provides services to over 300,000 customers.

Re-Port Technologies LTD.

Re-port Technologies provides complimentary services to local authorities and organizations, including information on rented or leased cars. The company offers advanced solutions for the automated transmission of driving and parking tickets registered by the different authorities for vehicles owned by various rental and leasing companies, as well as major corporations across the country.

KeepItCity (MGAR Digital)

An advanced cellular and Internet services company, KeepItCity develops a wide range of highly effective platforms designed to enhance municipality services and improve residents’ welfare and satisfaction. Employed by Israel’s most prominent municipalities, KeepItCity’s services encourage resident-municipality ties and streamline each municipality’s costumer service processes.

Enerkor LTD.

Enerkor Ltd. offers dedicated services and project management of energy efficiency upgrades, including the implementation of advanced control/monitoring proprietary software and equipment upgrades.
  • Proven experience in over 100 projects.
  • Local representative of GREE (world largest AC manufacturer).
  • Specialized control and monitoring software developed by company considered "best-in-breed" in the local market.

Mileon LTD.

Operating worldwide since 1986, Mileon 92 provides comprehensive solutions for municipalities in the field of supervision and enforcement of parking regulations. The company’s solution provides inspectors with advanced enforcement equipment and software, allowing them to manage all stages of the traffic violation reporting process. The company also develops and operates advanced, modern technologies in fields of data gathering and office system support.

Otzmot LTD.

Otzmot is a leading Israeli contractor in the field of water meter reading and water utilities. The company offers advanced technologies for monitoring water networks, water meter replacements, water infrastructure maintenance, as well as repairs and reconstruction of water and sewage lines.


Prioricity Ltd. provides advanced software solutions for municipalities and water utilities. The company implements dedicated ERP services and operates a proprietary system perceived as the market’s most technologically advanced solution. The system includes an advanced and flexible billing module, and allows the management of financial processes, customer services, human resources, parking, inventory and acquisition services, as well as general project management. Prioricity’s solutions can be applied online from any location and is the only system that allows complete, all-inclusive computerized management and supervision.

Midot LTD.

Midot Ltd. specializes in municipal tax related field surveys (assets, signage, gardens etc.).
  • Field surveys in coordination with GIS systems.
  • Aerial photography and orthophotography for survey and data collection purposes.
  • GIS system data updates, including advanced proprietary technologies.
  • Customer tailored solutions according to specific needs.

Why M.G.A.R?

M.G.A.R. Ltd. holds vast experience in the successful establishment, operation and management of complex municipal projects, a highly comprehensive scope of effective solutions and the expertise required for their seamless implementation and integration, according to customer requirements.

M.G. A.R.’s solutions propel its customers to the next level of efficiency and costumer care, while the company’s advanced processes, state-of-the-art technologies and exceptional human capital ensure the highest standards of quality, delivery and customer service.

Working in an advanced, dynamic and innovative environment, M.G.A.R’s proven effective working methodologies enable the company to offer its clients the peace of mind in working with a leading expert, service oriented and result driven partner.

The company’s top managers

Yitzhak Apeloig

Yitzhak Apeloig

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Managing partner and co-founder of ATE Technology Equipment B.V., the controlling shareholder of the Company. Mr Apeloig has held senior management positions in leading Israeli industrial, commercial and infrastructure companies. Mr Apeloig is a CPA and holds a BA cum laude in accounting and economics from Tel Aviv University.
Eliyau Houri

Eliyau Houri

Founder of MGAR Group and President of the Group

Founder of MGAR, served as its CEO until 2009 and today head of the company's business strategy, Mr Houri holds an MA in Business Management – with a specialization in funding from Bar Ilan University, and a BA in Agricultural Sciences (Agricultural Economy and Management) from the Hebrew University, Jerusalem.
Nathan Klimi

Nathan Klimi

CEO of MGAR Group

Mr. Klimi started working for MGAR in 1994, served as the company's deputy director until 2009, the year when he was appointed CEO of the company. Mr. Klimi in a renowned expert in local government. He holds an MA in Law from Bar-Ilan University, and MA in Business Management from the Israeli branch of Heriot-Watt University (United Kingdom), and a BA in Israel Studies and Archaeology from Bar-Ilan University.

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